The Spear

Sleek, deadly, and conservatively ornate, the spear was an apport brought by Mr. Entity into the Moffitt residence. He demanded that it be used as an medium of sacrifice, the weapon that would end Lee’s life and spill her blood for the sake of a dark ritual.

Measuring over 12 inches in length, the spear is an intimidating-looking instrument. The tip of the spearhead and the barbed midsection are rather sharp, though, oddly, the sides of the blade are blunt. Small engraving adorn the spear, with “x”-shaped etchings and deep lines embellishing its cold metal surface.

Not long after it appeared, we took the spear to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles to be examined. Amazingly, the spear was identified as an artifact from the Belgian Congo and was said to be over 200 years old. It was not a weapon designed for hunting, but rather it served as a shaman’s tool for use in various rituals. During the haunting, many different practitioners of the occult came to our house, several of whom had attempted to steal the spear. Fortunately, we still have this amazing piece of our story in our possession, but because of these incidents, the spear is no longer kept within our home.





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