The Haunting

When it Began…

In 1984, Bill Moffitt’s grandmother Dominca was dying. His family had hired a housekeeper, a Guatemalan lady named Juanita, to take care of the ailing woman. With her health rapidly deteriorating, Dominica’s odds of survival were slimming by the day. Juanita became anxious. She desperately wanted Dominica to live, for the prospect of returning to Central America filled her with dread. It was not known at the time, but it is believed that Juanita had attempted to perform a healing ritual for Dominica. Old blood stains and broken rosary beads had been discovered, the latter of which had been deliberately placed around Dominica’s house. With this evidence in mind, various psychics told Bill that Juanita may have been a practitioner of Santeria and tried to use magic to keep his grandmother alive.

One evening, Dominca was rushed to the hospital. She was suffering from congestive heart failure. For days, Juania stayed at the hospital with her, refusing to leave her side even for a moment. Eventually, Bill’s mother (Dominca’s daughter) Lee convinced the woman to return to Dominica’s home and get some rest. Juanita reluctantly complied. Within minutes of her departure, Dominica died.

Later, in the middle of the night, Lee received a frantic phone call. Juanita was begging for help, screaming that something evil was in the house with her. Bill and his cousin rushed over and as they did, Juanita emerged from the house, shrieking as an orb chased her outside. The orb suddenly ascended into the sky and dissipated. Amazed by what they had seen, Bill and his cousin helped Juanita back to Lee’s home. Comforted by the company of people around her, the woman calmed down but refused to sleep, warning Lee not to enter Dominica’s house. A friend picked her up the next morning. The Moffitts never heard from Juanita again.

The next few years were mostly quiet. Bill married his fiance Deborah. He had also inherited his aunt’s house, while Lee began renting out her mother’s vacant home. All of their property stood on the same street, as seen in the diagram below.


Street Diagram

Aside from a few peculiar tenants, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. There were no paranormal manifestations or strange happenings. Due to Bill’s health issues, he and Deborah lived with his parents. The house he had inherited was free to be rented out as well. A young man soon moved in, and it was then that observable phenomena began to occur. At first, these occurrences started in Bill’s house. They were non-threatening and at worst, inconvenient. Household knickknacks were constantly moved from their proper places. But then, strange symbols began to appear above all the light switches in the house. Bill had assumed that the tenant was responsible, until the young man’s belongings began to show up in Lee’s house. Underwear, wallets, watches, and all kinds of personal possessions started appearing on Lee’s prayer altar. How could they possibly explain this to their tenant?

Soon enough, the young man moved out, citing, but never explaining, the weird things happening in the house as the reason why. Bill rented out to a few more tenants, but after this supernatural activity escalated into something dangerous, he decided to sell his property. The Moffitts had intended on moving into a new house regardless, but Lee’s fear of the paranormal made her especially eager to sell both of her properties. Moffitt family soon moved into another house in Alta Loma.

Things were peaceful for a time, but it didn’t last. To Lee’s horror, the same phenomena that had plagued her tenants began occurring in their new residence in 1987. A symbol soon appeared on the bathroom mirror, a large triangle with an “s”-shape trail hanging below. It was a message, a wordless warning that there was no escape. It marked the start of a deadly haunting…

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