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A Deadly Haunting

“No escape”

The warning was scribed in soap, a message scribbled across the bathroom mirror that crossed the chasm of time and space from another dimension. Just looking at these messages that materialized in their physical universe filled the Moffitt family with dread. Little did they realize that these two words were to define the next four years of their lives.

In 1984, a Guatemalan housekeeper turned to the spirits for help in a desperate bid to keep her job. The old woman she had been hired to take care of was dying, and the thought of returning to Central America horrified the Latin woman. Under the cover of night, she performed a ritual of Santeria and opened the door between worlds, begging someone, anyone, to come through and help keep the old woman alive. Something did walk through the door, but it wasn’t what the young woman had hoped for.

And when it did, she learned why the door should stay closed.

Even after the old woman died and the housekeeper left the country, the otherworldly being she had unwittingly let through remained here. It lingered in the the vacant house, biding its time and power for three years, until the opportunity it had been waiting for came. When the old house was rented out, the entity drew upon the energy of its tenant, growing stronger every day. Finally it was powerful enough to leave the confines of the old house to seek out its intended victim, Lena Moffitt, the old woman’s daughter. It was a short journey, as Lena lived just down the street, oblivious to what was to come.

In 1987, it began. In Lena’s home, pictures, statues, and all manner of items had gone missing or had been moved. No one in the Moffitt household knew what was happening. Soon the small family moved away, hoping to leave the strange occurrences behind them. But no one could escape Mr. Entity.

For the next four years of their lives, they lived in fear, tormented by an unseen assailant and isolated from friends and family. Paranormal experts from across the county came, but none could help. The entity left it marks everywhere, with knives stuck in walls and through chairs, religious icons destroyed, and in the scars left on the family, mentally and physically. Even more terrifying, the entity directly communicated with them. It wrote on mirrors, gouged carvings in wood, and scribbled on walls, etching strange symbols, demanding blood sacrifices and sending warnings. Above all else, Mr. Entity made his dark intentions clear: “Lee will die”




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