Mr. Entity

Who is Mr. Entity?

Mr. Entity was a name that the Moffitts used to refer to the entity that haunted them from 1987 to 1991. While we may never know with absolute certainty who or what he was, many of the paranormal experts that investigated the Moffitt haunting agreed that this being was a demonic entity, and a very powerful one at that. Retrospectively, his presence was first known during 1986, when paranormal activity started to occur in a house that Bill Moffitt was renting out in Rancho Cucamonga. When the Moffitts moved away from the area later that same year, the entity followed them into their new residence.

Mr. Entity’s destructive tendencies were difficult to keep pace with. He constantly damaged walls by drawing or gouging mysterious symbols into them. He tore up carpet and clothing, shattered windows, threw furniture around, and destroyed religious objects. On several occasions, he attacked Lena Moffitt, by throwing objects at her and even through direct physical assault. He also hid knives within the furniture, positioning them so that the blade was poised upward for an unsuspecting victim to sit or lean on. This harassment was only the beginning of greater strife to come.

The entity, while violent, was as intelligent as he was destructive. For whatever reason, Mr. Entity wanted to communicate. He accomplished this by writing on the bathroom mirrors with a bar of soap. “Talk to me” was a common demand. When no one satisfied his desire to talk, he would become especially aggressive, tearing apart the house and filling the mirrors with hateful messages and threats. He would also respond to the more mundane conversations people in the house would have, leaving his replies on the mirrors for all to see. Even on those rare quiet days, when Mr. Entity didn’t torment Lee or write much, you could always feel his presence, like an oppressive weight that suffocated the house.

Mr. Entity drew many symbols, but only one held any real meaning to the Moffitts. It was a large triangle with a curving tail extending below. This sign appeared everywhere in the house, carved in wood, cut out in wallpaper, and drawn in blood. It was clear what this enigmatic symbol meant: it was the mark of Mr. Entity, and he branded the family as his.

When asked why the entity was tormenting them, he wrote that he had come to claim Lee because she belonged to him. She was to be the victim of a blood ritual, performed with a spearhead that he had apported into the Moffitt household. Mr. Entity would not be sated until she truly was his, body, mind, and soul.


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