During the haunting, several investigators told us to document the entity and the destruction he caused. For a time, we photographed everything we could, from writing on the mirror to the physical harm he inflicted upon us. However, many other experts advised against this, warning that by giving the entity attention, we could also give it power. As a result, the majority of our pictures had been destroyed. Fortunately, we recently discovered that some photographs had survived. While these images show only a fraction of the interaction between us and the entity, we are still eager to share them.


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All images © 2014 Deborah Moffitt


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  1. Mark
    May 3, 2017 @ 11:25 pm

    Hey there. I have just listened to your interview with K-TOWN on mysterious radio and was fascinated by your true story. Thank you for sharing your encounter. Its amazing to hear just what is out there. I had seen a ghost as a child and this brought back memories for me. Our cowshed was haunted and we were not wanted there at all. I still find myself being reminded of it to this day with strange noises etc.
    Thank you again for sharing


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