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Welcome to the official website for A Deadly Haunting, a novel based on a true and terrifying haunting.

Drawing upon the frightening experiences of the Moffitt family, Joie coverwebsite-amazonAlbrecht paints a compelling portrait of the family’s chilling interactions with a demonic entity, capturing the horrifying reality of this true story that has been hidden for over 25 years. Relive the Moffitt family’s struggles against a vastly intelligence and destructive demon and their daily battle to maintain their sanity and physical well-being. Though many believe demons to be beings wrought of mindless hate and malice, A DeadlyHaunting will challenge that perception and change the way we see evil.


“No escape”

The warning was scribed in soap, a message scribbled across the bathroom mirror that crossed the chasm of time and space from another dimension. Just looking at these messages that materialized in their physical universe filled the Moffitt family with dread. Little did they realize that these two words were to define the next four years of their lives. Read More About The Book…

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